Welcome to Peterborough and the JMO National Day of Dance 2018, May 19th.,  it also celebrates Peterborough Cathedral’s 900th anniversary, 1118 – 2018   and the 570th anniversary of the earliest known reference to Morris dancing in England, May 1448 (my thanks to Morris historian Matt for that. ) and…..  Anne Boleyn was beheaded May 19, 1536……!!

The Cathedral is that of St Peter and after whom the city is named. The symbol of the city is the crossed keys, said to be the keys to heaven held by St. Peter.

On the west front of the Cathedral you can see the stone carving of St. Peter, top centre and the intriguing unfinished tower to the right. It’s a majestic building and well worth a look. One dance site is just inside the Great Gate, so you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Precincts (and tea room…).

The DoD was planned for a maximum 50 sides, not as many as other DoD’s, but a number of the identified sites were deemed “unsuitable” (don’t ask…). From furthest point to furthest point is in the region of 10 minutes which has been built into the timetable.

The city centre is well served with watering holes, some big, some small micros, most offering excellent ale, though it should be pointed out here, that the city centre is technically a no alcohol area, you can take your chances with tankards, so just be aware. The city centre is also well served with eating houses, take away and sits downs, some pubs do food, but that varies from as to what.

Parking; There are a number of car parks, some more expensive than others, but I’m suggesting Wirinna car park, Bishops Road, (PE1 5AP) see map, that’s about a 7-minute walk from the centre and is one of the cheapest at circa £4 for the day. NOTE this is pay by PLASTIC, NO cash.  It’s the big car park, not the smaller one(s) either side of it, they’re a small mortgage…!!  Queensgate has two multi story car parks attached and another over the road near the rail station, but again at multi storey rates, but it’s your choice… Head out the Wirinna car park, you’ll see the Cathedral over to the right and the Lido on the left, follow the road into town, (Lido to your left) , see gardens to your right, at the Pound Shop turn right….

By train, out the station, over the gantry, through Queensgate, down a level, take a right into Cathedral Square.

By bus, up the escalator into Queensgate, go right, through Queensgate, down a level, take a right out to Cathedral Sq.

Public toilets are bottom floor of Queensgate, the bus station and the small car park (Car Haven PE1 1YY approx. 5 mins walk from centre) between Wirinna car park and town, but that comes at a price…!! No, the centres not overly blessed with public lavs… and is quite reliant on other places…!!

All the relevant info should be available, but assorted hi-viz people should be able to help with questions on the day.   Not every side will get the prime spot, but each site has a reasonable footfall.

Crosskey have been in existence for 30 plus years and stemmed out of the Northampton side Poly Olbion. A few of the Peterborough dancers met in the pub and formulated Crosskey Clog, our great friend, the late Tessa Goldsmith being one of them. Originally all ladies, but later becoming mixed with the help of assorted partners some of who are or were Cotswold men.

If it works it’s down to a number of contacts in high places who’ve helped with official stuff and linked JMO with the Cathedrals 900th, plus the support of the side, you have the contact for any comments you may have…..…!!