The Joint Morris Organisations (JMO)

There are three umbrella organisations in the UK that support sides or groups that perform Morris dance in all its forms. They come together as the Joint Morris Organisations (JMO) to discuss issues that affect all of Morris dancers and to organise National events such as the JMO Day of Dance in Peterborough on Saturday 19th May 2018.

The Morris Ring

The Morris Ring was formed in 1934 to encourage the performance of the Morris, to maintain its traditions and to preserve its history; to bring into contact all the Men’s Morris Clubs or Teams. It is now an association of 150 Men’s Morris, Sword and Mummers Clubs and Teams.

The Morris Federation

Now the largest of the three organisations the Morris Federation started as the Women’s Morris Federation in October 1975, but now open to all. It is an association of self-governing morris teams, which aims to: encourage and maintain interest in the practice of morris dancing by women and men of all ages; provide a channel of communication between member sides; and encourage the improvement of standards of dancing among its members.

Open Morris

Open Morris started in 1979 as a loose organisation of East Anglian dancers, following efforts by one of the few mixed morris sides in the country at the time, to find local friends and sympathisers. By positively encouraging membership of mixed gender sides, OM recognised an unmet need and membership gradually increased as interest spread nationwide. Although Open Morris wholeheartedly encourages excellent performance, their main philosophy is that dancing should be fun, both for dancers and audience.