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Sides attending the Day of Dance 2018

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Side NameDance Style
Alford Morris Border, Cotswold
Allington Morris Cotswold, Mummers
Anker Morris Men Cotswold
AnnieMation North-West
Anstey Morris Men Cotswold
Bakanalia Border Morris Border
Beorma Morris Border
Billy No Mates Electric Morris Other
Bishop's Morris Cotswold, Longsword
Black Annis Cotswold, Molly
Bury Fair Women's Morris Cotswold
Crosskey Clog North-West
Danegeld Morris North-West
Dukes Dandy
Ely & Littleport Riot Border
Fenstanton Morris/ Old Hunts Molly Cotswold, Molly, Other

Who is doing what?

Border Morris  Based on the traditional dances of the English/Welsh Borders. Traditionally dancers would blacken their faces with soot to disguise themselves so that they could not be recognised and accused of begging.  Many Border sides now use different colours and elaborate patterns.

Cotswold Morris  This is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘Morris’. From the Cotswold region this is danced with sticks and hankies. 

North West Morris Usually processional dances these are danced in clogs. They originated in the Mill towns of the North West of England.

Step Clog These involve intricate step routines from across the British Isles.

Longsword and Rapper Sword Teams  

Rapper Sword: Danced using flexible swords, with ‘handles’ at both ends, and come from the mining communities in the North East of England.

Longsword:These dances come from the North of England and are danced with rigid rather than flexible swords.

Garland Also originally from the North West, Garland dancers also usually dance in clogs. The dances are usually in square sets (or similar) with lighter stepping and an emphasis on the patterns formed

Own Style

To find out more ask a side or contact:

The Morris Ring, http://www.themorrisring.org

The Morris Federation, http://www.morrisfed.org.uk

Open Morris http://open-morris.org

Please note list correct as at time of going to press (22 January 2018)

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