Beltane Border welcomes you to Exeter

JMO Day of Dance 2023

Come see live Morris Dancing in Exeter!
Morris Dancing in Exeter - JMO Day of Dance 2023

There will be Morris Dancing in Exeter! On behalf of Open Morris, Beltane Border Morris, based on Dartmoor in Devon, have stepped up to host the 2023 JMO Day of Dance in Exeter.

We are planning a day of Morris Dancing extravaganza full of colour and music, with dance spots all over historic Exeter. There will be evening entertainment in the shape of sessions, Ceilidh, film and many opportunities to sample Devon’s finest beers and ales. 

If your Morris team would like to make a weekend of it, there’re plenty of good places to stay, ancient Dartmoor to explore, the fine Devon coastline for a sea swim and the chance to celebrate St George’s Day in Dumnonian style!

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Morris Dancing in Exeter

Watch the introduction video below​

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Join Beltane Border and Morris teams from all over the country – and help to bring Exeter alive with Morris energy on 22nd April!

Info for sides

Look here for relevant practical information about this fabulous day of Morris Dancing in Exeter:
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Dance locations

Find your way to the Morris Dancing locations in Exeter plus food & drinks in the surrounding areas



A list of Exeter hotels and motels near the dancing locations.


B&B and self-catering accommodation in Exeter and fringe.


Places where you can pitch a tent, drop your caravan or park a campervan.


Looking for group accommodation for your side? Here are some suggestions.

Participating sides

Check out the participating sides.
May your feet be steady and your limbs nimble…
See you for some fabulous Morris Dancing in Exeter!